Zildjian ZXT Titanium Rock Box Set
Zildjian ZXT Titanium Rock Box Set

ZXT Titanium Rock Box Set, Cymbal Pack from Zildjian in the ZXT series.

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drummerfromhell 06/21/2007

Zildjian ZXT Titanium Rock Box Set : drummerfromhell's user review


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Here is a set that I have depui almost a year and I must admit that the set are extremely caustaud! The crash split pa're barely curled (and yet it is not due to hit like an ox) the crash has a very pronounced, a little mocking explosive, with a strong harmonic personallité and has no end !
The ride was extremely accurate sound with good harmonics!
the hi-hat are very incisive in open, warm sound are closed.
a very very good set for metalheads (like me) or rocker with soul!