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Zildjian 4 Matched Set Pack
Zildjian 4 Matched Set Pack
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iamqman iamqman
Publié le 06/29/11 à 15:00
This is Zildjian's updated pack of matched symbols. This pack will get you the necessary essential symbols you need to get rocking. The cymbals are carefully selected and placed for optimum versatility in most drummers kits.

These cymbals are specifically designed to resonate and react to the players unique style and attack on the drum kit. They will bring out the natural character of whom ever is playing the cymbals. This gives the user an enhanced feeling of control and prowess to his or her playing.

The A Zildjian 4 Pack Matched Set includes a 14" New Beat HiHat pair. These hi-hats give you a great balance of "chick" and stick sound. The 16" Medium Thin Crash gives you a bright edge to make every accent heard, and the 20" A Medium Ride offers a great all-around sound, with midrange character.

Zildjian A Zildjian 4 Pack Matched Set Cymbal Package Features:

Category: A Zildjian series
Finish: Traditional
Includes one 14" New Beat HiHat pair, one 16" Medium Thin Crash, and one 20" A Medium Ride
Includes 22" gig bag

These cymbals allow the drummer to find his groove and not worry how the cymbals are either taking away or enhancing the sound. One less thing to think about when playing is essential to get the right feel and groove in the music. Giving the drummer the ability to get their sound and not worry about whether the cymbals or drums have their own dominate character which embellishes their style or prevents them from performing to their capability.

At new this pack of quality cymbals come in at around $699, which may be a huge undertaking for many players. These are high quality cymbals and if you get the chance to play them you will immediately hear and feel the difference in the tone and response these cymbals have over the ones who had been using. I would recommend these to any drummer who need a quality pack set of good cymbals for their practicing at home or in a band situation.