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Sound Magic launches a DSD workstation

We know Sound Magic for their virtual instruments and effect processors, but were did not expect them on the DAW and hardware audio market.

Sound Magic introduces today the Serenade full music production pack supporting high definition DSD and DXD as well as PCM audio formats with a maximum resolution of 32-bit / 384kHz. 

The pack comprises a USB 2.0 audio interface, a DAW, an effect plug-in bundle and a bidirectional DSD/PCM converter software. Serenade is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows and supports MIDI and VST plug-ins.

The Serenade System can playback DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 and DSD512 files as well as PCM at 44.1kHz up to 384kHz.

The compact audio interface (12 × 12 × 3cm) is USB-powered (or via a standard power supply) so you can take it easily with your laptop for mobile setups.

The Serenade DAW features classic editing, in-line mixer (48 DSD or DXD tracks on a desktop computer and 24 tracks on a laptop, numbers can vary according to the power of the computer), effect racks and it includes the Celemony Melodyne audio pitch shifter.

The effect bundle includes the NEO EQ, sidechain and optical compressors, expander, maximizer, noise suppressor… Mastering engineers can also use Serenade, the DAW offers a 5-band EQ, multiband dynamics processors, enhancers, brickwall limiter as well as a spatial processor. Last, you’ll find multiple meters, such as VU-meters, scopes, multibande loudness meters and various K-System meters.

Sound Magic adds that the Serenade system is expandable, they already announce upcoming DSD/DXD recording module in 2015 and surround DSD/DXD player.

The Serenade pack is available for $999 / 799€ at www.supremepiano.com.

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