Joachim Garraud Producer Box
Joachim Garraud Producer Box

Producer Box, DAW Pack from Joachim Garraud.

Public price: $599 VAT
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Joachim Garraud introduces the Producer Box

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French artist Joachim Garraud presents the Producer Box, a limited edition pack announced as "a new Concept of sharing music, tools, and knowledge".

Conceived by Joachim Garraud, the Producer Box is composed of a CME 25-key MIDI keyboard (yes for those wondering, the keyboard on the package IS real and functional), and (most important) a 1TB hard drive containing a large selection of software, plug-ins, album session files, tutorials and sounds. It is limited to 1000 subscribers overall.

The Producer Box contains:

Buyers will also get the original session files from Joachim Garraud’s upcoming album ‘96/24’ (which, as the title suggests, features 17 new tracks in 96khz/24bit wav format). It is then possible not only open each song from the album and work on the sessions, but also to access the Master Session with exclusive plug-ins, presets and the artist’s personal sound bank of over 3,000 sounds, loops, FX, one-shots and more.

Garraud also shares his 25 years of experience as a producer through 20 exclusive video tutorials available in five languages (French, English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese). These step-by-step videos (19 to 39 minutes long each) are meant to show the production process in detail. They cover the following topics:

  • "How to mix the voice in an instrumental"
  • "Why is distortion required in the electronic music production? What is the best way to control it and with what plug ins?"
  • "Creative use of the delay to create rhythm or groove"
  • "Sound Design and electronic music, the perfect cocktail to have your own sound"
  • "Egoist, a perfect techno machine"
  • "How to create the perfect combination of vocoders, phasers, flangers, chorus, reverb, delay, EQ, filters, distortions"
  • "Bass and sub-bass; how to make the bass sound bigger"
  • "How to improve the sound of a mix with compressors, limiters, and mastering tools."
  • "Saturation and distortion; new ways to create your own sounds"
  • "Creating racks of instruments and play with the automation"
  • "How to add punch to your mix using side chains, gates and compressors"
  • "Special mastering"
  • "How to get the best Bass Drum available"
  • "How to get a broad mix, loud and clear; understanding the phase and the stereo space"
  • "Organize Ableton Live to produce better and faster"
  • "My favorite plug ins"
  • "Let’s do a song together from scratch"
  • "Let’s do a remix together from scratch"
  • "Optimize a recording session with a singer"
  • "No limits to creation!"

The Producer Box is available now exclusively through Kickstarter at this address. The offer is valid until December 31, 2015, unless of course all 1000 packs are already sold before then.

Pricewise, the first 100 backers can get the Producer Box for $499, while the 900 following (and last) buyers will have to pay $599 (bought separately, the whole content is announced at a combined regular retail price of over $3000). Other backing opportunities are also available from $20 and up.

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