SSL Live-Recorder MX4
SSL Live-Recorder MX4

Live-Recorder MX4, DAW Pack from SSL in the Live series.

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[Musikmesse] SSL Live-Recorder MX4 & 128

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Solid State Logic announces the introduction of its Live-Recorder system at Musikmesse 2012.

The Live-Recorder system provides a solution for high-channel-count live, location or broadcast recording. Live-Recorder is suited for live music recording from FOH console systems, location film sound recording, TV broadcast production studios and broadcast production trucks. The Live-Recorder system connects via standard optical MADI, so it can connect to MADI-equipped digital mixing consoles, venue audio distribution infrastructure (Riedel, Optocore, etc.) or broadcast routers. Each Live-Recorder system can record up to 128Ch@24bit/48kHz or 64Ch@24bit/96kHz.


Live-Recorder combines Soundscape V6.2 DAW recorder/player software and a MadiXtreme or MX4 PCIe audio interface with a 1U rack-mounting PC. The Soundscape 6.2 software is an audio-only multi-track DAW recorder/player. Soundscape V6.2 has SSL’s “Pro-Convert” technology built in, so it can export recorded multi-track sessions in a range of formats native to a selection of DAW packages for editing and mixing. Export formats include; ProTools 8 and 9 sessions, Cubase/Nuendo track archives, Final Cut XMLs and Samplitude/Sequoia edit lists. Soundscape V6.2 also offers session import from supported DAWs, so it can be used as a player for full multi-track sessions for live performance if required. The Soundscape V6.2 software offers non-linear editing capabilities if required and has the capacity to add notes and metadata. The software also features crash recovery systems, which will retrieve incomplete audio recordings on reboot after a host system catastrophic failure such as sudden power loss. The Soundscape Live-Recorder system supports MTC and MMC via standard MIDI interfaces orMIDIover Ethernet for external system sync and transport control.


There are two different Live-Recorder hardware configurations available: Live-Recorder MX4 is an up-to-128-channel recorder utilizing an SSL MX4 2x64 channel MADI I/O interface. It provides a DSP-powered software mixer, which allows actions from individual track or stereo sum monitoring to multi-feed and 5.1 monitoring. MX4 offers summing and includes SSL EQ, Dynamics and Bus Compressor plug-ins. Specifying a Live-Recorder MX4 with an SSL Alpha-Link audio converter provides local headphone, analogue I/O and digital I/O connectivity. Live Recorder 128 is a stripped-down system designed for environments where no confidence monitoring is required. It utilises an SSL MadiXtreme 2- x 64-channel MADI I/O interface for direct optical MADI connection to consoles, routers, etc.


The 1U SSL-certified PC has been specified by SSL and developed in association with hardware partners in Europe and the U.S. Each machine is housed in a front-cooling 1U chassis with 4-x drive SSD RAID array as standard.


Live-Recorder systems are due to ship from April 2012 and will be available exclusively from SSL online.


Live-Recorder MX4: Up to 128 channels of recording. A system with 1U host PC, MX4 128 dual-head 2- x 64-channel MADI I/O with on-board DSP, open-architecture software mixer, SSL plug-ins and Soundscape V6.2 software.


Live-Recorder 128: Up to 128 channels of recording. A system with 1U host PC, MadiXtreme 128 dual-head 2- x 64-channel MADI I/O and Soundscape V6.2 software.


Key Features

  • Combination of DAW recorder/player software, PCIe MADI audio interface and host PC
  • Connects to an optical MADI-equipped device; console, router, etc.
  • 128-channel (2- x 64-channels I/O) optical MADI connectivity
  • 128 channels @24bit/48kHz or 64 channels @24bit/96kHz recording
  • Exports to ProTools (8 and 9), Cubase/Nuendo, Final Cut and Samplitude/Sequioa
  • Supports MTC and MMC Sync/Remote via MIDI interfaces orMIDIover Ethernet
  • Crash recovery features
  • Live-Recorder MX4 includes DSP-powered software mixer and processing
  • Add SSL Alpha-Link converters to Live-Recorder MX4 for local I/O and confidence monitoring
  • Live-Recorder 128 option for environments where no confidence monitoring is required
  • Network connectivity with networked file management.


Visit for more details.

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