Behringer Ultra-DI DI20
Behringer Ultra-DI DI20

Ultra-DI DI20, DI from Behringer in the Ultra-DI series.

moosers 11/03/2010

Behringer Ultra-DI DI20 : moosers's user review


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The Behringer Ultra-DI DI20 is a two channel direct input box for use in the studio or on the stage. I’ve only used the DI20 on a single occasion in a home studio that wasn’t my own. On paper it’s a very nice DI box, as it’s versatile between the two channels. Each of these two channels consists of a ¼” input and an XLR output. You can power it with either phantom power of a nine volt battery. It isn’t rack mountable as its it’s own floating DI box.


It’s not at all hard to use the Behringer Ultra-DI DI20. Once you’ve made your connections, you’ve got a series of parameters to work with, which is nice because you don’t normally find too much on DI boxes in general. There’s a battery on switch, a ground lift switch, a mode switch for linking the two channels, and an attenuation pad which you can set to either – 20 or – 40 db.


Unfortunately, the sound of the Behringer Ultra-DI DI20 brings it down a few notches. It definitely doesn’t sound awful, but when compared to some other DI boxes out there it’s definitely lacking a bit. I guess it’s the tradeoff that you get when you’re getting two channels of a DI box at this cheap price. In a smaller home studio setting the Behringer Ultra-DI DI20 will be suitable, but otherwise I’d probably stay away from it.


While on paper the Behringer Ultra-DI DI20 is a great DI box, the sound just isn’t as true as I’d want a DI box to be. It’s a good way to get two pretty in depth DI’s at an incredibly cheap price, but if you’re looking for professional sound, which for me is the end all, I’d probably recommend investing a few more dollars in something else. I also don’t know how well this would hold up over time as it feels pretty cheap and Behringer doesn’t have a great reputation when it comes to this. Check it out if you’re really on a tight budget, but otherwise there are plenty of other options out there that are better and won’t break the bank.