Behringer Ultra-DI DI20
Behringer Ultra-DI DI20

Ultra-DI DI20, DI from Behringer in the Ultra-DI series.

zebzik 08/23/2005

Behringer Ultra-DI DI20 : zebzik's user review


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DSOL for the guy in the view Previous bump that is to be a Behbeh actions ... (See more)

DI active small modular, link options, glift, attnuateur. INTERESTED trs For now, I bought three in June 2003.


Using fairly simple;

trs condensed product but careful not to split or attnuateur because when zicos are about to scne dplacer To verify, with so few visible buttons ... better to make the scales in broad daylight.
Tip: You can throw an outlet on a track unused table with phantom, to be fed by one channel to another channel without using the battery if it can not have phantom.


Rponse pretty good, a little breath behbeh typical.


So for over 2 years I have three,
one still works well,
the other has bad contacts and frank random image on a channel (Gnant!)
troisime is the Nazz.

In short: solid matter that is not a good investment in time, and I lost a lot of time with these M. .. for balance. By against, having one or two new on hand or can symtriser dsymtriser signals, it often comes to business!