Countryman TYPE 10 Direct Box
Countryman TYPE 10 Direct Box
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raph.bass 03/16/2014

Countryman TYPE 10 Direct Box : raph.bass's user review

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Case di active
6.3 mm jack
Parallel output jack 6.3 mm
Balanced XLR output
OFF switch
Pad attenuator -10 or -30 dB
Robust metal housing
Works with a 9V battery or phantom power
Dimensions: 45 x 77 x 152 mm
Weight: 0.59 kg


This is an ID that can be used like any other DI output is a HP guitar or bass amp.


DI reproduced faithfully what sends him, keeping the whole dynamic.
I often use in my low HP output tube amp that has not integrated DI and it did a great job, the sound is great.


Rolls DI: in addition to being ultra faithful it is indestructible, so the perfect tool for the stage.
It's still a bit expensive for a DI.