Jymm Audio Passive DI-L
Jymm Audio Passive DI-L

Passive DI-L, DI from Jymm Audio.

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jymmaudio 05/27/2010

Jymm Audio Passive DI-L : jymmaudio's user review


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Above all, I note that I am the manufacturer, but also the first user of my products, so here I give an opinion as objective as possible, I do not talk about price ...

Technology used: Passive Lundahl transformer.
Connectors: Jack in asymmetrical between symmetrical XLR output.

Switch Ground / Lift. Note that the output in both floating mass, this switch might not be presents, but as most IDPs have one, I put it (even when it is active!)
No power ncessaire, it is even advisable to disable the phantom power from the console. If you can not, then it is better to switch the ground / lift position "lift"

A attnuateur as potentiomtre, which allows a minimum of 20dB attnuation supplmentaires over 20dB attnuation basic DI.


Configuration very simple, 1 input, 1 output is small, it is practical and perfectly fulfills the functions of DI.
If the engineer for her role a bit because the level is too high, a small adjustment using potentiomtre and everyone is happy!


From my point of view, knowing that I use the same keyboard on stage or in studio for years, the sound is perfectly reproduced, nothing less, nothing more.
I think that DI can agree on any type of instrument (knowing that it is a passive DI, so Plutt adapts active instruments)!


In the end, I found myself on stage dj plug my keyboards on DI BSS, Samson, Behringer ... and globally (which does not mean all the time) or I saturate the DI or I had problem of the masses ...
When I take this DI, I know it will work without problem, made a less worries on stage.
Because I have a choice, if I can not take my DI lamp, I'll opt for this one, i prefer the passive DI-O to a small diffrence sound (n 'may be a feeling, but it is important to take the hardware with which one is best!)