Jymm Audio Tube DI
Jymm Audio Tube DI

Tube DI, DI from Jymm Audio.

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jymmaudio 05/27/2010

Jymm Audio Tube DI : jymmaudio's user review


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Above all, I note that I am the manufacturer, but also the first user of my products, so here I give an opinion as objective as possible, I do not talk about price ... and put an average rating of each party , not to distort the future review, but these notes do not bring reveal what I think of the products.

Technology: DI lamp electro harmonix 12AT7 Gold
Connectors: Between Jack asymmetrical front panel XLR symmetrical front.

MODEL non rack (no ears racking, but I'm working!), But can all the same land on a rack shelves.
Dimensions: 1 / 2 rack wide by 2U high.


Simple configuration: 1 input, 1 output, 3 contrl: gain, volume, and switch to ground / lift functional, but not really useful since the output is floating mass.


I use it on my keyboard, and like all the hardware ID or lamp, there's that "little something" I love lamp.

In terms of default, I note that there is no CSA of, so if your instrument is too strong, the DI will be a perfect tube overdrive, but there are cheaper for the m I function. You can hear the congestion on the excerpts from the official site.
So, if the input level is too high, you'd better turn down the volume on your instrument.
Gnrale, they say it is better to put the volume of the instrument background. Personally, I have no problem on stage if I lower my level of output to enter this ID and put a little more gain, but try it on a case by case!
I want to point out that my Kurzweil PC3 or with the volume PC2R background do not saturate the DI in between, has left so when even a little margin.


I always use the same keyboards on stage, so I know my sound, and I love that adds this ID, it ds with me I can take it (let's face it, if c ' is to play 2 songs, it's a bit too bulky!)
I compared with prampli / DI Electro Harmonix LP2ube, and I confess that I prefer my ID, more specific on the entire spectrum of a keyboard.