Samson Technologies S-direct

S-direct, DI from Samson Technologies in the S Class Mini series.

Rantanplan 03/03/2005

Samson Technologies S-direct : Rantanplan's user review


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Direct box active (battery powered or power fantme)

front: between a jack, switch to select the input level (guitar or speaker) output link to connect directly to an amp

Rear: one for slecteur mode power supply (battery / power supply fantme), XLR output is connected directly to the console switch 'ground lift' to ground loops, and space for cell

Team plastoc feet, solid aluminum chassis: all seems sturdy and do not take place

This unit can also process signals a high level of attenuation switch thanks

What more for a simple DI?


Easy to use, it is empty ...
One branch, we choose the level and mode of power supply, and roll my chicken ... need I say more?
Manual level, it remains simple and amber, but still gives the same sample applications.


I bought it in order to plug my electric guitar directly to my mixer (behringer mxb1002) that does not accept the high impdances in between (acute food, breath, unusable for this mani re)
Obviously, with it day and night, I appeared in a console between the level lev clear and without distortion. The sound that emerges from this boiboite seems excellent.


I use this box for almost a year, permanently connected and powered by power supply fantme (FYI, my table DBiT of 24 v, not the 48v, which seems sufficient for its good foctionnement).

It has done its job, and I dlivre the sound I expected. This is my Premire DI, I did not compare with MODELS in the same price range, but in absolute terms, it seems really solid and reliable for acceptable price.

I ogled at the DI behringer beginners who were not prepared in time when I needed it quickly, and this fills my needs and MODEL expectations. I'm happy, I resign with no worries!