HyperSynth Miniak-editor 2
HyperSynth Miniak-editor 2

Miniak-editor 2, Digital Audio Editor from HyperSynth.

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HyperSynth Miniak-editor 2.1

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HyperSynth has updated the Windows version of Miniak-editor to version 2.1.

Additions & Fixes:

  • New registration method that is based on username instead of machine-id.
  • Added readout for all parameters.
  • Added option for disabling graphical readout.
  • Added dedicated zoom level in settings menu with save option (standalone version).
  • Added full-screen button (standalone version).
  • Added "reset to default" for m1 and m2 wheel.
  • Enhanced m1, m2 and pitch wheel graphics and movement.
  • Enhanced Filter Freq, Porta time and ENVs readout format.
  • Now for all parameters "reset to default" responds to "Double Click" besides "Ctrl + Click" for more flexibility.
  • Fixed OSCs and ENVs LED selectors malfunction after requesting patch.
  • Fixed bug in Cubase 5 which caused to block MIDI out after adding plug-in in project.
  • Fixed crash after opening a project with multiple instances of the same plugin in Cubase.
  • Fixed problem that caused "Rename" window to be displayed wrongly after manually sending a sysex patch to editor from Miniak.
  • Fixed problem that blocked auto sysex listening in some circumstances.
  • Fixed bug in rename sysex function that overridden fx2 values.
  • Improved compatibility with VST hosts.



Miniak-editor is $38.00. Update is $9.98 for existing customers.

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