Behringer DDX3216
Behringer DDX3216
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141studio 11/29/2002

Behringer DDX3216 : 141studio's user review


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It is rack mountable (mounting kit included the original for that matter)
16 between base 32 with optional cards. 6 out of base (2 hands four omni), with 16 options. 12 on the insert 12 in XLR. Dparts to 4, 4 dparts effects, return of 4 "Stereo effect.
Type connectors. 12 XLR, RCA 4 in between. 2 XLR output jack doubled in sym + 4 omni in jack bal.
Equaliser / gate / comp increments. the 4-band parametric eq is.
4 Intgr multi-effects.
numrique in 24bits/96Khz
Automation supports
Synchro noon worldclock.


Config gnrale relatively simple. Affordable even for someone who has never had a console numrique (my case).
Common functions easily accssibles, you still have to get used to four layers of faders.
Manual in French quite well done but a little redundant.


Converters rather transparent. The overall sound is quite "cold". test on FBT 400MAXX for sound and Tannoy Reveal active home studio.
The effects are suitable for the live. As against the studio, it is better to use plugins (I have no hard impact). The reverbs and delays are convincing live, I do not use many other effects.


I use it recently (two weeks). The good thing is the flexibility and the sectional. I use it for my concerts, recalling scnes is a joy, the sound is trs clear, distinct. In this configuration the cold overall (relative) of the sound is almost an advantage. The 4 omni outputs are very practical for circuits individual returns live and recording circuits headphone.
I use it for recording, without the effects, but the gates and are practical and prcis eq.
I record all of the same voices through a pramp lamps.
She also used to control surface in the cable by noon in my PC.

The ratio quality / price is good trs. The converters are above those of a 01V (with which I am making some records). The effects are just right to live. The routing possibilities are many tudies trs.
I access a Ramsa suprieure DA7 is good in terms of sound quality and even I / O. but for the price the DDX3216 trs is doing well.

Therefore rsum versatile console trs, trs good config in Live, home studio so well with a good shoulder pramp taken for "critical" and externalities more "noise" . What do trs good concerts (no recess at Stade de France) and good small models.