Roland VM-7200
Roland VM-7200

VM-7200, Digital Mixer from Roland in the VM series.

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mswing 08/22/2004

Roland VM-7200 : mswing's user review


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The processor is rack but not the console: it is necessary to measure fairunflight
I used a single trial (48 votes original 24: 20 on input digital stereo Proc 1 + 2 Jack on the console).

connectivity is quite special (insert of 16 and 16 September ?????): and when to exit there are eight assignable, and from 5 to 12 in Jack and XLR .... it must be his prparer patchavant to go to a prep

EQ with 4 b 2 2 shelves + bell cut down the use of the compressor removes a band ... in addition to its effectiveness is not great ... Beringer even predict the Device it works better!

roland effects are generally quite good, there are very bonpoint if you like hack chorus amp sim and are very good simulation of microphone, speaker (if using roland prvu this effect), it also effects investment in RSS space, lo made: the Rev. quelquepeu are disappointing, but hey you get good results on the instruments but passur voices ... I use to rev the scene of an external or plug for the studio. multiband compressor is not bad ... Equ 31 for good live band,

Frankly for a console like this, the good part effetest even very good, now has a inconveniant ily can not put any effect n'immporte kelle kelle phase: there are rules to follow card functions range effect 1 6 it is the card the card July 1 12 2 .... etc. predict the configuration parcekela aspirin is frankly head and breaks very limitbr />
toout Ceke is to sync is fairly complete, but for me it is do not be a slave to an external clock.

So it is better to use the studio as matre

it runs in 24 bit 48 khz ki this is more than enough for the average home studio that we are, and to live


Ohhhhhh ke no!
It's been 3 years ke I and every config is a headache!
it is very heavy use: mieu ke since I have the remote but hey it's not a fluidecomme Yamaha launch time is very slow so if you do live: a power failure will cost you to go back parcek'il is important not to start the system with the amp open ... you risk all about peter because it boils curiously mute instead of all it opens everything back !!!!!!!!! the trick is to set out a console or other periph type compress and cut the tree in or out!
otherwise it but about 1 minute or 2 depending on the config for starting: c long for the scene above compare the concurrency

the manual is inFrance It's bad:

Always use with the remote just as all the pages (sends, pan EQ ...) the screen will automatically appear

if the screen size is good slow, but gives all the details: I prefer that of the 01 ke V 96 I just acquerire


The Sound ..... parcontre then I must admit it sounds great
I try Panasonic 02 R, Mackie, Roland, and frankly it gets the better now: the premp are not killing in if you get it too, but the converter and the engine excellent: I mix two albums with + live in the ca I like it there is nothing to say

compresses are for sucks against the settings are too light bocou,

EQs are very good, better now than in the other: for ca nothing wrong


If you like the hack is a great console, which has good

I bought this cot to deport rack, but for the live you will in any case a small external rack, so I made a 16-voice multi for my insert and effect.
this move is the rack deport Excellent but if you are a veteran or a prestatire Tecnos of the old school ca pa does do it at all

is a console application and know to be working at your fingertips

but still I like it: and if used well with a rack that goes periph it will give excellent results
contact me if you want more info ... I give the pipe