Yamaha 01V
Yamaha 01V

01V, Digital Mixer from Yamaha in the 01V series.

Burno 05/11/2011

Yamaha 01V : Burno's user review

«  Compact and correct »

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Rackable Option, the connection is good (no insert)

At levels of rputing is a bit more weird, the band have 4For of 1-16 and 17-24 of the more than 2 ..
Ditto for the 2 band parametric EQ for channels 17-24 (the coup must juggle a can)
2 multi purpose integrated
Automation is not integrated but can be managed with an external midi sequencer. (It works fine ..)

Levels in sync .. 44khz 48khz internally or via the digital input.


Setup is very simple, the manual I've never opened ... The functions are simple. A bit less clear when using an expansion card.


The converters are correct for my part (in the context of electronic music).
But it is not well seen by all ..

The effect is quite efficient type spx 900 990 (with the breath and less!) For beautiful reverb forget the lexicon on.

dynamics is a bit weird, the compression is not tiptop.


Console quality. One must be careful. Avoid the bully Knob rotary rather fragile.
I still regret not having waited for the release of version 96khz ...

Today it is a console that does not score at all, it's a shame it is well worth a console analog input range with its racks