Yamaha 01V
Yamaha 01V

01V, Digital Mixer from Yamaha in the 01V series.

yoTrakkz 09/14/2011

Yamaha 01V : yoTrakkz's user review


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The Yamaha 01V comes with a rack able option and is very easy to set up. You wont even need to open up the manual to get going, its all self explanatory if you know how to operate most other gear. You can use it with midi which is good because most all equipment now a days is tied to midi. The knobs seem to be pretty strong and well built. Not too sure how it will hold up over the next few years because most machines tend to have issues with the sliders and knobs as time progresses.


Everything is easy to use, no manual needed! But if you need the manual hopefully you can find one or one comes with it, because this item is no longer made.


Sounds great, even though its been out for a while. You can still pick one of these up at a lot of different places online. People are selling these off to upgrade, but with this unit you wont need to upgrade if you know what your doing. It can do everything any other higher priced mixer does. It will be interesting to see how well this holds up for me though, even as old as it is, I still want to see if it can take the wear and tare of how we use our equipment here.


Overall you cant go wrong with a high quality mixer for less than 300 dollars in todays music world. Most mixers of this caliber are upwards of at least a grand. But because this is an older model you can get it for a lot cheaper that. Even when it first came out years ago it was only around 600 dollars or so here in the US. You can get a used one today, because they don’t produce this model anymore so you will have to search eBay or other sites that sell equipment. Maybe even check down at your local pawn shops as there might be some gear there similar to this one.