Yamaha 01V
Yamaha 01V

01V, Digital Mixer from Yamaha in the 01V series.

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Maax 12/19/2002

Yamaha 01V : Maax's user review


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16 channel console numrique INTERESTED trs.
The similar but more compact and O2R without his headband VU meters (with damage!).
The 12 XLR inputs with phantom power supply justifies some of its price ...
otherwise, there is the basic connection (RCA 2TR/in, jack of all age ... etc) but also numrique connectors (AES / EBU for magnto eg, SPDIF).
It is 3-band equalizer to dot with FM Settings, and dynamics processing and effects like the O2R.
It supports 44.1 kHz autosync, also ms in 48kHz extsync ... INTERESTED.
It does not rel automation (and yes this is not a O2R!) Ms it can save scnes.
if not, there are 4 to which s'avre trs quickly indispensable.


The typical use is very easy and getting started is fast (for designers to console numrique).
I used both in the studio and concert sound small.
In the first case, it can quickly problmatique s'avrer trs:
- Dj must be added ADAT IO option can be used in a normal studio numrique (eg with a pro tools with an ADAT bridge).
- More when the branch with the pro tools and a DAT magnto numrique .... we must constantly juggle the external sync .... IO Option ... Syncro and internal c ... is even more difficult when you want to work in 48 .. kHz (48kHz not internally!)
- And the lack of large and beautiful VU meters lack the readability ...

In the case deuxime is more interesting:
- The effects and dynamics processing in-house are more than enough for the cafés-concert.
- The changeover is quick DIFFERENT menus (APRS uses qq).
But, the notch s'avre soon too small, and therefore should not be too shortsighted!


The pramplificateurs are good quality, and the converters are pretty good (certainly it is not apogee!).
Are transparent enough ... she did not envy that level but the trs well know to be forgotten at the sound.


Console trs well for medium budgets who want to have fun ..
However, the notch, the meters, Option IO, and sync for studio numrique, are not paramtres ngliger for users express.
However, it is trs many small sound systems config.
However, for around 1600, you still have the rflchir useful if you want to do.