Yamaha 01V
Yamaha 01V

01V, Digital Mixer from Yamaha in the 01V series.

maes 12/14/2011

Yamaha 01V : maes's user review

«  Console in good quality but Exceeds »

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I think that says all t, if not just for the record rcuprer a.
On leaving, c't at the top, now it is true that it is a bit technically Exceeds (number of limit chantillonage, ect ..)
Every time I use the point that I toujoursn ESG as the number of ...
(So ​​I Intgr 4 Behringer RX1602 rack my set for input synths, it's a solution that suits me).
On leaving I would have put more than 7.


All is well for me, but this is subjective and probably li the fact that I can use it for quite some time.
It can also serve as a major controller noon if we take a little time, which is to live INTERESTED.


Everything is okay trs.
Since even if there are better.
L as a few years ago I would have put more than 7.


I use it for 10-12 years.
Before I had a console not numrique, c't bcp more complicated to "keep" his rglages. OCCAZ now is a good deal, the rest of the hardware was "semi-pro".
I would do my choice of the era without hsitation.
Today I do not know if I bought a console (which I am not planning for it agree!) I would look at the newer version.