Yamaha 01V96
Yamaha 01V96

01V96, Digital Mixer from Yamaha in the 01V series.

Vojna Poema 09/19/2004

Yamaha 01V96 : Vojna Poema's user review


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I pass over the banality of style rack, etc. ...
It features 40 tracks including 4 pairs controllable quon is back on the tracks in stereo rotary faders, which by default are used to return the internal multi-effects
sufficient connectivity, including a USB ... the spdif in and out is only coaxial
4 integrated multi-effects
lautomation external snapshots is well supported
lautomation dynamic parameters of all, I havent had time ... dessayer Meton a bcp that has does not even qd!
Sync BNC word clock or by slots


Getting started with quite different from the 01v, but tt ds lordre returns quickly
namely even tt qd on this console is this longing for 02R at its output, cest a bomb to the small size which occupies
regret: buttons too small daccès qd same, and they might consider adding a VGA output!

manual, as tjs, cest an encyclopedia, but tt is almost


Converters: yeah, for me its a little bit of everything handjob, if you want some great converters, will see at Studer and other
cest transparent enough not to need to do a thesis on it
there are machines sold for the 24-bit 192 kHz and sound banal, but frankly ..

for making blind tests and also have submitted, I find this nest bother to setendre on the subject in 2004

Dynamic largely correct


I lay for more than 6 months with ext in adat preamps, cest really a bomb
japprecie what the +,, cest dailleurs for a lai I buy, cest quon can manage in 24 channels in adat, if not clear what cest navait no interest in my eyes

jai worked about other models, sony dmx r100, tascam DM24, etc.
lencombrement for, it's true that jai hesitated with the tascam, dailleurs I ask myself the question tjs
If you hesitate, identify good vs. Careers News that want to do anyway because the tascam is + useful for studio and for live + yamaha, clear EST

Q / P: okay