dbx DriveRack 260
dbx DriveRack 260

DriveRack 260, Digital PA Controller from dbx in the DriveRack series.

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tristan92 09/23/2008

dbx DriveRack 260 : tristan92's user review


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I speak briefly about my discovery of the DBX 260, 1U Rackmount, 100% controllable and configurable by software (PC) via RS232. (220 version is restricted and not controllable, but given the complexity I prefer the 260 to remind my config on a PC if you do not sound fixed)

100% XLR connector, ground lift.

The integrated anti feedback seems capricious and excited alone, even without a microphone.
so I preferred a sabine FBX2400 for it (him to switch 100/220V)
I have not tested the Aural Exciter.

You can change the input levels to accept the toll converter!
Big time (3s combined) can be applied to all outputs.

Crossover and goes trick-classical spectrum analyzer on inputs 1,2,1 or two measurement microphone DBX.

The big argument is the pink noise generator and automatic compensation in 10 seconds.

The serial port for remote commands on a laptop to 10m away.
This is also how I control the volume of each of the six outputs, the back of the room, playing on the gain of certain modules of DBX.

But to keep the doc itself. Missing a button "panic".

The DBX has two inputs for Mic + 1 + 6 analyzer outputs: the input level must be correct, do not handle the volume before, but after (lower the volume on the amps) for the A / D converters then N / A are optimized dynamically.

I was not able to saturate it.

Attention to the anti feedback which can degrade the sound.

Obviously this type of equipment is expensive, but by buying € 365 in the U.S. secondhand it becomes more interesting (unless it is 110V and the tranfo Toroidal coils has several specific and can be passed 220V)

This is my first trial. of this type, I may be getting ahead of myself a can.

And if I bothered to write this post is that testing the automatic EQ with Bose 802 only ... well ... uncorrected y'en in need.

6 months later: One last thing, the AGC, the gain control is very pleasant to use: in case of big difference in level on a CD, it adapts quickly and quietly back ... humanely. In addition, when there is no modulation, and although he returned to mute and not gain the maximum ... RAM technology.

and the price drop: 650 €