Casio CDP-100
Casio CDP-100

CDP-100, Digital Piano from Casio in the Compact series.

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songboy 07/06/2011

Casio CDP-100 : songboy's user review

« Lightweight and Finger Friendly »

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This keyboard has the full range of Octaves being that it has 88 keys. Unfortunately the only output on this keyboard is the headphone jack (and the speakers of course). This is a small irritant for me as I only use this keyboard for practice. It also has midi in/out jacks and a sustain pedal input as well. There are only a few sounds on this board including two piano sounds, and electric piano (rhodes), a Harpsichord and a Strings Patch. No, the sounds cannot be edited, with the exception of adding reverb or chorus.


Yes, the general configuration and setup couldn't be easier. Flick on the power, select the sound you want (maybe add a little reverb or chorus) and play...that's it. The manual is clear and sufficient. It is really only useful if you want to mess around with the demo songs, but I had no interest in that. The patch selection is performed by individually assigned buttons (very convenient) which makes it a breeze to change patches quickly. This is truly a simple keyboard and the general config really couldn't get any easier. It's simply a matter of turning it on, and making sure your sustain pedal is plugged in, clicking one button (piano patch for me, it's all I really use) and you're off.


I read a lot of reviews on a lot of different pianos and this one had reviews on both sides. Some couldn't believe how bad the sounds were, and some were very happy with them. I personally find the sounds acceptable for practice, but I wouldn't run out and buy this if this was to be used for performance. The sounds are definitely usable though, the grand is not as "tinny" as I would have expected and the Rhodes is really mellow and only gets that horrible "sampled" sound when playing the high register. Now, the the feel of the keys is where this board really shines. I was really surprised how great the keys feel. I have played many real pianos in my day and many keyboards as well and I have to say Casio does a darn good job compared to Korg, M-Audio and Kawaii. The keys are very realistic and are 95% of the way to the feel of a real piano. No aftertouch on this board. The effects on this guy are nothing to go crazy over. They sit well with the patches but again, nothing I would brag about. The chorus sounds really nice on the Rhodes patch, but I don't care for it on anything else. The reverb is decent and smooths out the piano nicely.
I don't hate any sounds on this board, and I can't say I was blown away by any either. They are simply acceptable especially if they are for your ears only.


What I love most about this thing is the amazing action and how light it is. For the price point, I don't think you will fine such a real piano feel in another board. Also I can easily carry it with one arm which is great because I bought this piano to be "portable." I am so sick of practicing piano inside all day so I decided to buy a board that wasn't too expensive that I had to constantly be worried about it and I could setup up outside and practice. The built in speakers mean I don't need a PA so I just run an extension cord out of my house and setup in my back yard. YAY!!!!!! For $400 this is one of the best deals for Pianists out there. I would give it a 7 out of 10 for sound. Good, but not great. I have used many keyboards in my time (Korg, Kawaii, Roland, Nord=the best, etc.....) and I have never found this quality of action in a board under $800 before this guy. I would definitely buy this board again. It's the perfect practice companion.