Casio PX-100
Casio PX-100

PX-100, Digital Piano from Casio in the Privia series.

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moosers 05/02/2009

Casio PX-100 : moosers's user review


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The Casio PX-100 is a full sized, 88 key digital keyboard that is portable and contains a variety of different types of sounds. It has standard 1/4 inch connections for outputting your signal and for using a sustain pedal, as well as MIDI connections.


The feel of the Casio PX-100 is very good, as the instrument is extremely easy to play. Navigating through this instrument also couldn't be any easier because everything is laid out so that it is easy to see and understand. The instrument contains a series of buttons to choose between different sound patches and to add effects. Even if you have no experience whatsoever with digital keyboards, the Casio PX-100 will be easy to understand and use. The manual for the Casio PX-100 is pretty well put together and designed for the layman to understand, but I honestly don't think that it is necessary considering how easy the Casio PX-100 is to use.


The sound quality of the Casio PX-100 is surprisingly pretty good. I wasn't expecting much, but the piano and organ sounds are somewhat realistic, and while I personally wouldn't do any recording with this keyboard, it is definitely suitable for live shows and is perfect for home use and practicing. I usually use the Casio PX-100 for its piano sounds, but the other sounds on it are pretty good as well, adding to the versatility of this instrument. Nothing will blow you away on this keyboard if you are a professional, but for amateurs and intermediate players, the Casio PX-100 is perfect.


I've been using the Casio PX-100 digital keyboard for about a year or so and I've found it to be the perfect practice instrument for those looking to get a good sounding keyboard that is relatively cheap. This is one of the better sounding models that Casio makes and while it isn't the best sounding keyboard in the world, it certainly gets the job done. The Casio PX-100 is a great choice for those players who want a nice sounding digital keyboard without spending too much money.