Clavia Nord Piano
Clavia Nord Piano

Nord Piano, Digital Piano from Clavia.

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caliko 06/22/2011

Clavia Nord Piano : caliko's user review

«  The best of acoustic pianos for »

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No possibility to connect the expression pedal, no XLR connections
USB to use North Soun Manager. MIDI control via USB untested.
Triple pedal very effective.


Touch to tame, which is easy. Provides excellent expressiveness. Everything is very easy to use.


Excellent expression, samples of acoustic pianos and Wurlitzer are the best market I think hyper realistic. I appreciate the ability to adjust finely the sound, depending on the frequency, allowing for virtually created his own piano sound. The mono sound is very good. Rhodes a lot of fun to play but sounded "a little flat" compared to SV1, MK2 and clavinet zero.
Good effects, but not great wah. I much prefer those of SV1, be.aucoup more efficient, though less fine.


about 2 months to jazz and jazz fusion.
I like the ability to download new sounds for free (not on the SV1) and the surprises in store Clavia on its site. What bothers me is the limit of 500 MB flash memory that will quickly be exceeded by the sample size of newly proposed (and therefore "political Clavia") I can save the 120 + programs programs live, very convenient. It is true that the North is great expressiveness Piano true inspiration in jazz, which is not the case of SV1.
BUT this is not the ideal keyboard: a mixture of SV1 (effects, rhodes, clavinet, connections, look) and Northern Piano (expressive, acoustic pianos and Wurlitzer), that would be the top. Overall I prefer the SV1, more versatile, more effective for my personal use. Northern Piano may seem superfluous next, as the sounds of pianos and wurli SV1 are excellent in stereo, but thanks to its excellent expressiveness (the SV1 is expressive but after several weeks of adaptation, not easy) and original samples of acoustic pianos, North Piano is actually completely indispensable.