GEM Pro Mega 3
GEM Pro Mega 3

Pro Mega 3, Digital Piano from GEM.

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C'est moi ! 08/28/2004

GEM Pro Mega 3 : C'est moi !'s user review


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CHARACTERISTICS The dj is heavily exposed. Trs accessible even without a manual. All operations are empty.


The keyboard is enjoyable and trs prcis the VLOC is adjustable which is important. However it is not heavier els in severe than in the treble, so the left hand should not bully the bass!
I believe it dj PSE 25 kg, while weight and more like the Kawai MP9500 and it quickly becomes untransportable. For the game it does not seem so important is a plutt CHARACTERISTICS marketing. For purists there is the acoustic piano!


To the sounds it is clear that both banking sector targeted Premire keyboards are trsralistes, however the rest (pad sounds of strings, bass, organ) is lower, pleased t destiny mixing with the two banks Premire. For example the bass sound of church organ is not the height. However to say anything about pianos and electric pianos like Rhodes or Wurli.


Since 5 months of intensive use rpond it perfectly my expectations: how the piano! mostly classical and jazz with the bonus of winning during the holidays! Gnial simply, I believe that this instrument is a keyboard dj landmark! His only competitor seems to me to be the Kawai MP9500. The Gem was for him to be lighter and more powerful 320-voice polyphony 64 against. On the other hand seems to be the most efficient Kawai keyboard as CONTRL noon. But I walk the can be too much to the extent that I did not fully explore the functionality Promga noon, with such keyboard sounds I do not see yet the int rt of an expander.
Given the quality and finish of this isntrument I find the report quality price not that bad, given the production technologies of sound embark on such a machine which involve months of research and dveloppement of ADDITION in Europe, in Italy and not in a third world country with workers exploits.
Update of 28/08/04
: A classical pianist sign my nice pic for me to train with headphones, she possde dj a Pleyel 118 ...