GEM Pro Mega 3
GEM Pro Mega 3

Pro Mega 3, Digital Piano from GEM.

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knarf_the_real 02/29/2004

GEM Pro Mega 3 : knarf_the_real's user review


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- Keyboard 88-key hammer, specialized acoustic and electric pianos. A section Orchestra / Pad and Bass / Other very useful.
- 64 preset sounds and 64 user sounds divided into 4 banks available in a super simple.
- Almost every parameter has a dedicated button
- Motorized faders (each section has its own fader settings)
- Damper pedal jacks / Ped1 / Ped2 to connect a sustain pedal + 2 different pedals (damper type or other type volume) or otherwise assignable pedal a triple GEM allows special effects to half-pedal
- 2 headphone jacks (this practice)
- 2 stereo outputs, one assignable stereo + 2 mono or 2 stereo.
- Taking ToHost PC and Mac compatible (requires optional cable and probably an app that should come with cable)
- 2 internal effects: reverb and multi (including, chorus, flanger, phaser, wahwah, compressor, and other exciting combinations of all the double)
- Aftertouch, pitch bend and modulation wheels
- 320 voice polyphony
- Sympathetic resonance on acoustic pianos + physical modeling
- Total physical modeling electric pianos that sound like real _exactement rhodes and wurlitzer_
- Custom tuning, change of temperament. Defaults to "equal" but can use temperaments / tuning for commonly used in classic.

All these features make the Promega 3 is an exceptional keyboard, which can be considered a true musical instrument * * or as a master keyboard as the MIDI implementation is fairly complete, each section may issue its midi channel the cavier is splittable into 2 parts, so there is opportunity to play the left side of the keyboard with his right side and with another sound, internal or external.


I really like the keyboard. It is flexible while still heavy. It is touching to understand. I am not a trained pianist. Some would say it is too flexible.

The general config is super simple! Within minutes after unpacking to control the beast. Big red button can turn on or off the different sections. All sections are lit all the sounds play at once (acoustic pianos, electric pianos, orchestra pad, bass and other). There is a button "To left" to assign each section of the sound to the left. The split point is selectable by a dedicated button.

There is a V-pot section (knob an endless virtual) that allows each section to move from a sample or model to another.

There is also an octave setting each section. The piano is too sharp in split mode? We just press the button immediately available and it's done!

The motorized fader allows you to edit in normal mode the volume of each section, when editing a parameter of 2 multi effects, automatically adapts to the parameter value. Super flying the fader!

There is a multiband EQ quite daunting, especially to customize the rhodes. Tip: also use the filter parameter menu sounds (a low-pass filter) which plays the sound differently depending on the section where you are.

There are preset patches that are selectable just above the keyboard with a small LCD everything from classic. Each patch has its own effect settings, EQ, samples, filter, etc.. According to global configuration mode, it can also have its own pedal settings. For example you can set the stage Ped1 to send program change regardless of the patch. You can also put a volume pedal that controls only the volume you play the violin over the piano, for example. Otherwise, Ped1 may have a specific setting for the patch in question, such as control of the wahwah.

Question manual shame about English, we note that a French version is available for download on the manufacturer's website. But anyway, it is not used much. The keyboard is so simple and intuitive that it is almost useless.


Then issue sounds bad you can not put 11/10 or more!

The acoustic pianos are electric as very good and very realistic. It allows a great expressiveness. To go further, I recommend really tuner (very bestial and base) with the filter presets and integrated Eq. I think the presets do not put enough value in the machine, it can sound even better if you tune. Consider this if you try the PM3 store. Ask the salesperson for tampering with the filter and EQ on the rhodes! This is necessary to drop the bottom two on the ground. With the presets, you will simply breath, which is not bad.

Effects (particularly chorus and wah wah) are excellent. The dual effects are also very practical (like chorus + exciting, giving a pure potato in wurli), and downright adapted to the style of the beast. If you do not like the music of the 70's, forget the PM3 right away, it comes directly from one machine to travel back in time. on the other hand, if you like background music in Starsky and Hutch, then this machine is for you! :-)

Also, the fretless bass, the sound of Jaco Pastorius. In short the big foot.


My overall opinion is that after 15 days of use, I do not regret my purchase. It really is the keyboard I wanted.

It is rather specialized funk / jazz, very 70's (note the look of this machine, once it has, after it does more than just flared pants and wigs Jackson five!).

This is a musical instrument in the strict sense. It turns ... and we play. Immediately. No brainer, no knobs to turn 50, not 50 menus to unwind, not to tweak effects 800. It is used to play music and that's all that matters.

I almost have a RD700. I think the piano sound of R & D has a better attack, but it is too short (decay of the envelope unrealistic). The sound of PM3 is stifled, but it is tunable (filter) and behaves much better sound, expressiveness, nuance ...

1 / to move, some small problems with internal cards that move with time, predict the flight case is going well.

2 / The warranty is only 1 year, 2 against all other competitors from the market. (Update of 29/02/04: in fact, seriously stores generally guarantee two years anyway, in my case)

3 / It is a bit heavy (26kg, finally there is marked in the specs, it gives the impression of being heavier really), and cumbersome. Provide a well established stable (the refrain X stuff), and if you buy a bag, try this before! The PM3 is high! In general, missing 2 cm in the standard covers 88 notes.

4 / presets - which are still great - but are worth the evil machine, damage to one based on it in the store. Hack with seller indispensable.

In short => Of course I would buy that :-)
Or do we sign?

And by the way ... Did you know that Herbie Hancock had a Promega 3? Now yes :-)


Update on 29/02/04: It's always so much the ball more than ever, and it's been almost 4 months it lasts. All my friends are pianists green with envy when they hear my rhodes customized sauce Herbie Hancock (thank you to the EQ + Compresseurr integrated). Note that with the A1 (the first piano ...), which can also play Chopin or Rachmaninoff with the same sound that a true virtuoso (ok, it's not very like me but I works ...) when you get tired of being taken for the jazz service, it changes.