Korg SP-100
Korg SP-100

SP-100, Digital Piano from Korg.

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Jim Nasty 05/28/2005

Korg SP-100 : Jim Nasty's user review


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Well, this is my first electric piano.
It has 88 keys (7 1/2 octaves) with "piano" feel, although it's not as authentic when compared to a real piano.
It has a very simple design. And it is also very heavy!!! 44.1 lb!!! But it's sturdy, a real tank. However, I know some people will not be happy having to move it around frequently to go to rehearsals or a gig, which is something I stopped doing early on!

The SP 100 comes with a poor-quality pedal, true, but it's indispensable... It features a midi in and a midi out (but no thru...) independent L/R jacks outputs and a headphones output.


As I said before, the keyboard is very nice, but maybe not as inviting as that of a real piano, and yet the mechanism is interesting, but unfortunately too noisy acoustically (very annoying to play at night, even with headphones).
It's a very simple piano in terms of design and usability, you can only configure certain basic midi parameters like multichannel, midi return, etc., by pressing a key together with the Function button.

You will have to open the manual to configure midi to your needs.


I only use the piano, which I think is the most credible and the best-adapted of the six sounds available.
They are quite all right, worthy of KORG
It has 32-note polyphony.

8 buttons for 8 sounds, simple as that:
Piano (Stereo Sample)
Electric piano

- A very basic piano, with very nice lows but very tiresome after the 4th octave...but that's a matter of taste (I recommend you to use a light reverb to add some depth, but use an external effects module instead of the 2 internal effects: reverb and chorus).
- Very nice electric piano sound, but it lacks some warmth and smoothness.
- An uninteresting strings sound, like the organ, which is nevertheless a bit better.
- A very nice harpsichord, but I think it won't be used much by anybody.
- The vibraphone is, in my opinion, superb!
You can also combine two sounds of your choice, but neither of them can be modified.
Add to that an adjustable metronome and a 4000-note recorder (Rec / Play).

I think they could've done without some sounds to have more memory space and improve the piano. After all, a digital piano is still a piano, isn't it?


It's been over 3 years since I have it, using it mainly as a master keyboard. I do not intend to change it, it is as good as any of the best!
It is not that bulky for a 7-octave piano (in terms of depth, obviously)
Its sound and keyboard seduced me in the store. It's only with time that I've changed my mind, but it is still very interesting for its price.

What's sure though is that the next time I want a piano I wont' look beyond KORG.