Kurzweil SP4-7
Kurzweil SP4-7

SP4-7, Digital Piano from Kurzweil in the SP4 series.

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Musicos31 12/03/2013

Kurzweil SP4-7 : Musicos31's user review

«  Sounds huge! »

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Clear and sufficient manual.
Lightweight keyboard, so convenient for the stage and rehearsal.
No hammers under the keys (73 semi-weighted), which allows you to be comfortable on both piano and organ synth sounds.
Editing sounds on very few parameters (reverb, filters ...) but sufficient.
This keyboard is in fact a reader of the best sounds (128) of its big brother the PC3.
It is not made to sound creation.
The Modulation wheel allows some sounds to incorporate a second sound to the main sound (piano + sheets ...)


The sounds from the PC3 are very very very good!
Very realistic and high quality.
Pianos and organs B3 are to die for!
(A play on the manufacturer's website.)
Little sound but very good, usable in many styles (rather Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical)
If you forget the electro ...


I used it for 2 years and I quickly sold ... to buy its big brother the PC3!
I loved everything about the SP4-7. Its sounds, its nice keyboard, weight for live ...
I discovered him thanks to his Kurzweil keyboards and sold my Roland and Yamaha.
The new price was already interesting so do not hesitate if you find it on occasion!
If you, the important thing is to play very good sound without moving 25kg keyboard without seeking sound creation is the key for you!
In the spirit and quality of the Korg SV1 (73), but the moitier price!