Roland RD-600
Roland RD-600

RD-600, Digital Piano from Roland in the RD series.

ehma 06/02/2003

Roland RD-600 : ehma's user review


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For octaves, well it's like a piano, 8. 128 sounds (Steinway, Rhode, Organ, String, Pad, Vibes, Drum set).
At the shipping it's like Reverb, ADSR Envelope, FX, etc. .... it's not a synth instead
While the rear consists of:
1 x phone, two line outputs symtriques one fixed the other variable (volume, EQ).
1 between noon and 2 outputs with assignable to a MIDI Through.
3 PDAL Jack (Sustain, volume, soft, etc ...) assignable.


Touch me I find it good (though I like heavy), easy to use and the manual is not necessary. (Except for publisher and Sysex)


Then the sound, well I've tried a lot before taking the RD600 and I find them very good (but it's got an issue).
I think the piano sound larger than life (it's crazy not!), The effects are valid or plutt flateuses, of which Roland.
I think it's almost a real piano, except that the leaves sustain DSIR worthy of a keyboard 300
hla if I press the sustain and I'm a big arpge and whether it will decrechendo, although the last notes are cut (it's a shame). This is the only weak point I Remde taking piano less flatterers and a password.

The Rhodes trs are good too and the drum set.

So for a 9 to 5 because of a will therefore sustain 7


I use it since 1998, I had a thunderbolt, I tried Technics, Yamaha, Gem and I flach for RD600 (and more portable) and I face dchant to sustain the problem is the blocked priori the highest rating, not dernire (that sucks).

Ratio Q / P is 2000 and even when they can not choose the priori note that price it's sad.

If c'tait again, although I was hard so it would sound whatever the RD700 is better.