Roland FP-7F
Roland FP-7F

FP-7F, Digital Piano from Roland in the FP series.

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Et_studio 01/26/2011

Roland FP-7F : Et_studio's user review

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88 keys
Complete connectivity
Many sounds can be edited but less extensive than a RD700NX example


Excellent touch
I have not read the manual


My opinion on the piano sounds only. These are not the best in the market (see below), but I find them of great quality.
Some additional sounds should not even be offered on an instrument of this caliber (guitars!)
The expression is very good


First, some words about what I wanted: a portable piano, with a touch closer to a sound, good connectivity (audio, USB, 3 pedals) and a small integrated amplifier. But if I had to pick a point, it is primarily the touch that prevailed in this list. Additional banks of sounds are a plus if they are present in the machine, but not essential (I prefer A great sound of piano sounds and 300 medium)
In its category, they are not numerous. And not for lack of trying or considering different solutions, while reviewing my specifications. So I raked off, the MIDI keyboard (Novation, M-Audio, Akai ...) on the piano stand (Roland and Yamaha, mainly), via the famous notebooks.
An observation: the shops that offer to test a wide variety of pianos are not many (or I have not found). However, no such direct confrontation.

What were the pianos competition (I want to say then tested in the store):
* Roland FP4 - bof
* Yamaha P95 - bof
* Yamaha P155 - well
* Clavia Nord Piano - super
* Yamaha CLP320 - very well
* Yamaha CLP330 - very well
* Roland HP305 - super
* Roland RP201 - well

I will not go into a detailed description of all these pianos, but to summarize my impressions.
* If you do not need to carry the piano, so I think it is better to focus on models in unit
* I have read many many of Yamaha P155, but his biggest fault was to be installed just above Northern Piano (see below). Moreover, its connectivity is poor, frankly, I do not get it why Yamaha is deadlocked on a USB-to-host standard?
* North piano vamp! it has a sound that leaves everyone behind and go from one to another is cruel for the competition. In addition, the bank's desire to be configured. Its connection is complete, and a complete and robust pedal (3 pedals) is standard. The press is unanimous, it is a success, and it was very tempting.
* The FP7F finally: If you have read the foregoing, you understand that its only real competitor laptop (available in store) is the keyboard. It was hard to decide.

The arguments that weighed when choosing:
* Touch: the finishing touches, less shiny plastic, less slippery feel a little heavier than the north. I had been seduced by the feel of the Roland HP305, and I find this quality on this laptop
* Onboard amplification of acceptable quality. About this last criterion, many will find it trivial, but here I wanted to turn the beast and play within one minute, especially in times when free time comes down sometimes within minutes ...

If I had not chosen this portable piano, I probably would 'merely' a piano cabinet. It is clear that the North made me dream, but a bit like a Roland RD700NX, you must add an amplifier, and then flies off the budget. The overall finish of the product is very good but the keys are below, closer to a feeling synth (note piano with a view!)

I have no regrets. Just as it happened to choose an instrument, knowing that I would continue to dream of another (Idiot? Yes and no, we do not always budget of his dreams), both here, I stopped reading testing and other forums. Instead, I play!

So flawless? No, but they are qualified.
* For example, all sounds are not equal in quality, and some are downright disgusting. But as I only use the Grand Piano (first selection, by default) and the Piano Rock ... Note, organs are good too (I'm not an expert)
* 25 kilo anyway. There are better, it gets worse, but it is something
* At the risk of repeating myself, the integrated amplifier is extra. And I find it quite honest, but hey, if you plug a sound, or studio, or when compared to what we hear through headphones, there is still room.

To put it in the defects? The price ... Nevertheless, I find the price / quality ratio perfect. FP7F part of the instruments once played, do you forget the price. I would do this choice.
PS: It is an instrument that has been on the market very recently. It is always difficult to be the first to notice I try always to take a step back, but I'm really excited to play here Roland. This instrument is probably not perfect, but it is for me, it does more than meet my expectations. I put my opinion to date, when he has collected several hours of additional gameplay.