Roland FP-80
Roland FP-80

FP-80, Digital Piano from Roland in the FP series.

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Pianistiquement 02/11/2014

Roland FP-80 : Pianistiquement's user review

«  Finally a "FP" (False Piano ^ ^) worthy of the name! »

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88-key digital piano, keyboards Ivory Feel S, all playable on the site of Roland.
Purchased with the optional wood stand (very qualiteuse the way) into a piano lounge but without the disadvantages of digital furniture, namely paying a lot of woodwork in the price, and most importantly, end up with a thing unsaleable term .


The touch keyboard is surprising for a digital, this is my first Ivory Feel, and I must say it is really better than before.
Operation is simple as long as you use this digital piano digital piano (which is why we buy normally). I turn, I play, and 99% of the time the Piano Concert is the first preset to turn on.
Obviously, it is not a master keyboard as such, so if you want to use it like that, it goes pretty fast galleys. Or a workstation or as a multitimbral RD 700 NX 800.
This is a piano. When a piano is used as a piano is always perfect.


It is a descendant of FP 7 I had too. There are many points in common, we find sounds, but clearly, the effort focused on the main piano was huge, and the cumulative new keyboard much better than the FP 7 make this instrument something which starts to be a success in itself.
FP 7 was disappointing on a lot of points (see my review if necessary).
This one is a little of what I could expect from FP 7 at the time but get it. The Concert Piano is much more alive, complex, rich, subtle. It can be dpi or fffff, it is very true to what would have been a real piano instead. Nothing to say on this point. Sampling schedules sounds, parasites, such as dampers is really more than previously searched, and plays a lot in the realism of the whole.
Other sounds of a digital piano are always anecdotal for me. Some are very successful, some failures, but they are there almost for fun between two parts of piano work.

The amplification is interesting. The 2 main HP are fuller and deeper than those of FP 7, and 2 new HP Small directly at the ends of the keyboard seem to bring something more to the overall sound of the piano envelope is perceived, whether for anyone who plays or for those who may listen.


This is a week that I have.
FP7 came after a Yamaha P120S that I preferred by far.
So I waited desperately finally Yam so new, but everything seemed stuck on the P155.
At the time of purchase, boom, the P255 shows its face just the day before I have to go order. What to do?
The next store I rest again a good time on the FP 80, I look at pictures of P255 Internet and I do not feel more than that (cabinet filthy further aspect ... option).
So I stayed on my first idea, and I do not regret anything.
Remains to be seen piano work that I can do with it but, it will be verified in the months or years during which I will keep, and it is especially in the late part of the way done with an electronic instrument that you can really have an overall opinion on it.
For now, I am delighted and fingers classic itch a little all the time, it should still be a good sign!