Roland RD-800
Roland RD-800

RD-800, Digital Piano from Roland in the RD series.

John-Michael Mahnke 07/16/2015

Roland RD-800 : John-Michael Mahnke's user review

« I`ve played on a Roland RD-800 at a music store a while back.  »

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Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
I`ve played on a Roland RD-800 in a music store a while back, it has 1113 instrumental sounds on it. The only thing that`s tricky about it. is when you have the cathedral organ or the Grand Pipes, then you go and select another instrumental sound on it, then back to whatever you had, you have to turn the dial on it until you find where you had it. They ought to put presets on it just like the Technics Pianos have, But overall they are lots of fun to play on too. I tried other instruments just as well. With the Roland RD-800, you can have up to four different instrumental sounds at the same time. But an overall a great keyboard. To operate the Roland RD-800 lookup then Roland RD-800.