Thomann SP-5100
Thomann SP-5100

SP-5100, Digital Piano from Thomann.

Barnabee 11/19/2010

Thomann SP-5100 : Barnabee's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
88 keys
Midi in / out, USB, 2 headphones jack, including one that mutes the speakers, the in / out, sustain pedal included (a big metal tongue, not a plastic mini rotten as yamaha ... ), soft pedal optional
Two models Thomann, the SP5100 with 20 sounds, so the model especially for those who want a piano, and the SP 5500 which has more sounds under the hood (a little more expensive but the keyboard is the same (not tried)
the piano is simple but with the bulk (split mode, dual, transpose, three levels of touch, reverb / chorus adjustable etc..)
Some embedded chips, and a memory card slot, a media partition barely functional (but frankly we do not die)
In short, everything I wanted (to moderate because I started piano and I do not want to make foolish.)
Well, it's heavy, though (almost 20 kg)


Correct key for the same price is great (without sound is not really convincing but with sound, is quickly forgotten and we can play nicely with a touch heavy.) No remorse compared with yamaha or casio p85/90/95 px120/130.
Manual clear and simple English
Configure and use simple


I especially wanted the sounds of piano, and I am very happy.
Forget all the doubt, I'm really having fun, it's perfect to begin with. The piano sounds are realistic, not heard better before the models cited above 900 euros. Frankly I keep a bad memory of Yamaha (from p85 to p150) and Casio (PX 120 at 730).
The setting of touch can set whatever you want, even if in fact two to four positions are really playable. it is quite sufficient for normal expression, and I do not think a virtuoso buy a digital piano in this range ...
Other sounds are a bit rotten, but really no worse than on most digital pianos, even two or three times more expensive. I was expecting worse! Not tried those in the SP5500, only my twenty gadgets to me.
I put very good for the price


Purchased in September 2010, my first "piano". I tried a lot of keyboards (Yamaha, Casio, Korg, Roland) was not convinced by the yamaha (until p150 included), I had found my happiness with the casio px830 and Roland F110 and other more expensive keyboards but still loose and I sold a small home. Not wanting to put 500 or 600 euros for a keyboard that does not please me, I ended up trying all the while buying it, not very expensive, knowing Thomann done pretty good entry level.
For now I like everything about this little piano. Value for money very good.
Now have to see over time ... I put the bar to 7 (good) because it is brand new, if I have problems, I will post ...
I am very happy with my choice.