Yamaha P-155
Yamaha P-155

P-155, Digital Piano from Yamaha in the P series.

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magelland 12/20/2012

Yamaha P-155 : magelland's user review

«  Good keyboard, good sound »

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GH keyboard 88 keys, so heavy

Midi Din connector

Possible recording on a USB key

A pedal (FC4) type piano provided

17 sounds, non-editable, good quality


Nice touch for me (not really experience)
Plastic keys, not imitation "ivory"
However not too slippery
The purpose of the purchase was to move from a keyboard "Synth" (PSR-K1) to a real keyboard


Good piano sound
Others defend themselves as well (organ, vox humana)
As "false" beginner, I do not have the experience to expression. For me it is ;-)


Use for 4 days (early Christmas Dad ...)

I used a PSR-K1 far, so keyboard "synth"

I tried Korg Sp-250, P105, Casio PX350 (in Germany, was not available in France disappointed ...) + the "low-end

What I wanted, I was given the piano after a few (dozen) years off, I did not want to put huge amounts of money, but still have a real piano keyboard
I looked at the P105 for some time, but the sound of the P155 is much better

And then a Milonga in destocking (-30%) .... to € 909, the value for money is pretty good.