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Benoitdeglo 11/30/2003

Yamaha PF-1000 : Benoitdeglo's user review


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There are 7 octaves.
There are a lot of sounds when jv not waste my time to count them but there should be a good small hundreds. Effects, there are 6 (reverb, echo, DSP ...). The "sounds" can be easily edited on the screen that pete!! Not to mention the floppy drive, which makes my life easier, I crazy my disk in the computer and everything is on Cubase hop!
There are two stereo outputs (RCA jack), 2 output CASQ (Jack), 1 in and 1 out noon, a microphone input.


Touch is certainly not as heavy nikel that a real piano, but super nice.
It is easily adjustable and very INTUIVA throughout (except for very specific things or read certain chapters become mandatory !!!).
The selection of MIDI channels and patches is super easy.
The manual is well done can be sometimes a little too precise for my liking if possible.


Vi, in fact at the beginning, I just registered for my piano composed and I started to do the business (with violins, bass, drums ...) and frankly it makes good.
I use effects never except for the microphone and the reverb is quite good at least for use q I did that mean concerts.
Since q CHAQ instrument can be adjusted, q I think everyone can find their account.
the piano is my favorite sound metal, guitars c blah blah I find qqes scratch sounds are excellent but good no more.


It's been 8 months now I believe I possess q.
Lovin the floppy drive, the screen very easily understood, its possible arrangements.
I did a lot of research before the 1000 was the Pf q I absolutely wanted !!!!!
Excellent, I have a little vo ca negotiate and frankly it! jl uses for my concert, my recordings, and arrangements and frankly it makes me more than enough!
So yes I do it again the same choice!!