Yamaha YPG-235
Yamaha YPG-235
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yoTrakkz 10/03/2011

Yamaha YPG-235 : yoTrakkz's user review

« Great keyboard for the players »

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I first tried the YPG-535 and its twin, the DGX-530 just before Christmas, 2009. At that time, I decided that either one of these boards would replace the DGX-505 that I was using at the time. The replacement time finally came on July, 19, 2010 when the pitch bend wheel on the DGX-505 broke down for the fourth (and last) time. Exam of the owner's manual shows that the DGX-530 and YPG-535 are essentially the same instrument,. For purposes of this review, I'll say that the YPG 535 is the best instrument in its size and price range. Its buttons are on the YPG-535 are much larger and easier to operate that the older 88-key Portable Grand-series keyboards. It's a great companion instrument to the Yamaha MM6, the other half of my dual setup. Its voice selection covers virtually every kind of music.


Very easy to setup and navigate through, I love the British-style Auto Accompaniments that are part of the 160 style lineup. As with all multiple-voice instruments, you'll need to invest lots of time in trying out the voices and styles before taking it out on its first gig, but in an emergency, the PIANO is ready to play when the instrument is turned on. I prefer the lighter key action of the YPG-535 since most of my experience comes from organs and synths.


Sounds like a really expensive keybaord, and I got mine for under 500 dollars online. You can beat what you get with the YPG 535.


Overall, The features and keyboard itself are more than I had hoped for. For me, it's a perfect instrument not only providing a splendid piano sound it provides other instruments and options that will keep me practicing and playing for the foreseeable future. More bang for the buck than can be imagined and the best I have ever had the pleasure of buying.