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E-MU Vintage Keys
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ipm 05/29/2013

E-MU Vintage Keys : ipm's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
expander rack mount, 1 U, internal power supply. 2 banks of 256 sounds, styles rather 70 'and 80'. Just trio noon and 4 separate outputs, rather good or very good for my NE3 only has 2 separate outputs ...


Easy to use, 4-5 buttons, a jog dial for selecting values ​​and display 2 lines lumineux.E-Mu was very safe destination sources on this module. Can easily map 4 midi controllers (PAN WHEEL, VOL or CC) [source] to the choice of destination, not including two LFO ... it works very well, it's simple and really well done.

Note that this module is the first in the series to use digital filters EMU and deeper than traditional ADSR envelope, it is here AHDSR, H is an additional shelf between attack and decay . nb plethora of sounds edition still simple, I put 8 because it lacks the knobs controls real time

small problem, it is de facto multi ... therefore, we must think about it and put all the unused channels OFF!


given the success of the module at the time, it's simple it was almost essential in a rack, the sounds are clearly used. then, he has enough practicality for a MOOG preset, the preset contains MOOG! normal except that it is virtually non-existent in other manufacturers fault-free I think. It is classified, some repetitive sounds, but not as ca, and is very comprehensive in terms of panel melotrons, wurli, Rodhes, moog, prophets, SEM and so on.

THE FLAT: EFFECTS. it must stick to a small independent effect buttock


some time ...

I have some models, especially samplers, given the small amount of memory, the beast is doing really well. Then I found that the module has a small hollow in the midrange, EQ may be necessary, but so far, he will be quite well developed with other instrumentals. E-MU was super smart, if there is indeed a VINTAGE instrument, this one because it's written on!

the number of well-known artists who have used this module is impressive and when it goes into editing one understands why. a module to discover, for a price that seems enough for now devalued. For this reason it is currently worth a 10, despite the flaws