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gracchus 08/06/2004

Kawai K5M : gracchus's user review


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Rack version of the K5, one of the first synths to numérqiue additive. Sounds pretty special (additive). Separate outputs (mono) + triplet noon. Memory card readers on the front.


Edition very complex little ergonomic, not at all intuitive. Better to use a computer editor. Very large manual, fairly clear, but very short on management noon (sysex poorly documented)


This synth can produce textures very special and rarely heard. The sound is often fine, subtle and brilliant, unlike fat analog sounds. FM synthesis with a little more body, in fact.
The audio blow (it is a known defect of K5 and K5M). Two remedies: change the output impedance by a qualified electrician (the list of components and the manipulation was to do a few months ago on the web and is perhaps still) or interleaving of a noise gate.


I have this machine for two years. This is an exciting synth but requires a fairly long time of appropriation, as opposed to a push-button module. At this price, it can generate sounds quite unusual.
Beautiful machine despite some recurring problems hard (blowing audio outputs, LEDs backlight tends to slam).
I recommend buying only those who spend an afternoon on the programming of a sound does not reject.