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SampleHunter 06/19/2003

Korg 05R/W : SampleHunter's user review


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Format: 1 / 2 rack width
1 MIDI I / O
A MIDI serial connection to PC (super convenient because allows to connect the module to the PC / Mac without the need for a MIDI supplmentaire on the computer)
2 Output Jack 3.5 (D, G)
16 voice multitimbral, 32-note polyphony
No. Sounds: Many
Compatible GS


The manual is clear
Please note that the programming from the faade is fastiduieuse as many custom settings are trs. It is better to have an editor program like Sounddesign to quickly program new sounds.


Sounds: This is an expander of synthse numrique therefore are mdiocres acoustic sounds (piano, strings, brass etc ...) on the other hand, the sound is superb harmonica?.

The sets of percu without (adpanne)

In contrast to the size and price of the synth sounds of the ground etc.. are downright good. This is really the highlight of this module.

The possibility of shipping are classic but trs trs compltes (300 parameters) and storage piles can be up to 8 sounds to make a big. Number of parameters can be modulated by MIDI controllers.

Effects: There are two effects blocks with all the classic effects and again for each effect of many parameters. The effect of distortion is particulirement Russia because natural (on harmonica and electric guitar is pretty nice)


The +
The sounds of synths tablecloths, many paramtre edition of sounds, the serial interface to the PC, the easy to read comptatibilit GS midi files. the size.

The -
The tedious edition of the tiny screen, the acoustic samples.