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gillesdeshays 02/24/2004

Ucapps SID : gillesdeshays's user review


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MIDIbox synth SID is a planned non-commercial & "DIY-only" based on the sound chip of Commodore 64.
In addition to the basic functions of the SID (3 oscillators, triangle / saw / pulse / noise waveforms shuffled, gnrateurs independent of the amplitude envelope assignable, sync & ringmodulation, a Filter low / band / highpass / notch 12db multi-state), this synth has:

* 2 Additional envelopes with non-linear curve that can be assigned Pitch, Pulsewidth and Filters
* Additional 6 LFOs with various waveforms, which can be assigned Pitch, Pulsewidth and Filters
* Fine Tuning
* Pitch Bender
* Portamento / Glide function
* Delays
* Optional Oscillator Synchronization
* Arpeggiator (a SID * must * have arpeggiator year ;-)
* Poly, Mono and Legato Mode
* Free controller assignments to Modulation Wheel, Velocity and Aftertouch
* Wave and CC sequences, which allows longer perceived sounds (wavetable)
* The "wavetable sequencer" can be combined with the arpeggiator to realize complex textures
* LFOs, Envelopes, Wavetable, Arpeggios MIDI clock sync via external
* Up to 8 CV outs: 12 bit resolution (in experimental state)
* OS independent SysEx editor based on JSynthLib
* BankStick support (128 sound patches per stick)
* Can be used as file player. Sid
* Minimum area of ​​control
* Possibility to control up to 4 SIDs
* Total control surface (such as photo)


The control surface is excellent!
Accs direct all controllers

and more good DIY project, c is you who shall decide the ergonomics!


L is the SID chip which gnre all sounds .....

So the sounds are quite Chip (8 bits) relement but effective! Even big enough for the low!


Although sr, the DIY aspect makes it possible to make the synth's Manir, and it's great!

Particularity the filter is used with an external audio input!

Level quality-price does not apply because you're the manufacturer!