Viscount EXL-100
Viscount EXL-100
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minimumvital 06/30/2006

Viscount EXL-100 : minimumvital's user review


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See global opinion


I use this device for ten years. It is a small expander ddi to pipe organ sounds, with lots of charm. Do not expect great sounding organ, and "held" lack a bit of heat.

It's actually samples. To SAVE the memory, only the transient attacks of Departure of blowing the pipes are reproduced Fidler. APRS, the sound becomes a bit too static (sine wave).

That said, for the sounds "FLTs" is all made sympathetic. Note that you can combine among themselves DIFFERENT "games" pipe (except for the program "tutti" - all the organ stops - that reproduces all the stops for organ sample as a whole, can not be shuffled. This program is not too interesting in itself because we feel the lack of space in memory that would transcribe Fidler the richness of the original organ).

The secret is shuffled this device with other sources, and also to make the sound less static in various ways (secret home!).

Anyway, in my case, I really like this little device not found today, which is one of my liturgical organ ingrdients for my "virtual" which I use with rgulirement MINIMUM VITAL or VITAL DUO.

I would do so this choice.