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pascal.monte 01/08/2004

Yamaha TX7 : pascal.monte's user review


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The case is one in a format that can spcial. It looks like a can a "rhythm box". Indeed, the front is tilted a bit like a balance numrique kitchen;)

It is not formatted Rack, narrower.
I do not know of extensions to the TX7.
In terms of connectivity:
1 headphone jack
1 audio output (mono)
1 I / O plate K7 for saving and loading of dumps
3 MIDI (In / Out / Thru)

There any possibility of the DX7 version 1, the diffrence it possde no editor of paramtre Intgr for sounds. The sounds are not ditables on the machine, but are using any editor software for DX7.
However, it is to be connected to the conus DX7 (all versions) and sounds are ditable from it. It t Designed originally as a module for the DX7, making Stereo (Left on the DX, right on the TX) and from the sounds of the DX enrichire in superimposing another sound to sound DX: The A / B His

This explains the names of the sounds frquement meeting OPUR DX7 Rhodes Rhodes A and B for example. Sound is intended to DX and the other to come TX enrichire first.

A Expander CHRE not at all possder absolutely for those who do not have DX7 and wanted sound.


Trs simple configuration because there is almost nothing if configure is the rglages controllers.
No effects, just like the DX7 Version 1
Manuel trs Retailer as well c'tait if the era!


Trsclbre expander version of DX7. The TX7 is the sound box of a DX7 version.
It sounds possde 32 32 perfs. The perfs are rglages paramtres of the synth. Each sound can have its own paramtres (modulation, pitch, pdaleHold, and all controllers)

It all sounds accpte 6 oprateurs DX7 FM.
As for sounds, the DX7 is rfrer.


I possde TX for 15 years.
most: the sounds of the DX7, TX7 do anything on when connected to DX7 because it is the DX, which takes care of everything.
The least: no edition of the sounds on the machine, no effects like the DX7