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ClaudeLeBelge 06/20/2013

Yamaha TX81Z : ClaudeLeBelge's user review

«  Ambient? »

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I just read a very full review. I just want to attract the attention of a potential lover on a rare feature: fashion "alternate". Basically, you fill out a program (up to 8 notes) with the sounds of your choice, with height adjustment, pan (L, L + R, R) and volume. At each grade received, the machine plays the next note. Or, if you have a loop of three notes per measure and seven active sounds, measures 21 before returning to the same sound, played by the same score. I personally have not used often, but nothing that because of this feature, I would not sell it. You tell me that you can achieve this effect with MIDI, well, it's obviously more complicated. And there are not that powerful bass, this is a small DX7's in that box!


Yamaha machine is never easy. But you can turn it on and play it without reading the manual


The choice of sounds is necessarily limited. If you buy it, is that these sounds like one.


I just used, and only when I'm looking for these features sounds. I bought it new in about 1987, it works like the first day and I'm a fan.