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Lyynk 05/11/2005

Yamaha FS1R : Lyynk's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Trs beautiful MODEL 1 u rack with 2 x 4 knobs endless CHARACTERISTICS see if cited in other reviews.


I advise directly through an editor on PC is because synthse trs drives (4000 paramtres) and ergonomics on the top rack is not (small buttons and not just space Wheel value for the incremented / dcrmentation).
The manual is correct, any way, for the edition of FM, it is best to be understood by even.
Otherwise, I think the rack is fairly organized.


Submitted really need the synthse FM. Oprateurs with 16, 88 algorithms, filters rsons + shapes, is a monster fs1r synthse o can be any expression.
For sound, we like it or not.
I mainly used To create leads, because the discordant squence synthse Fm provides sounds trs rich harmonies.
The FS1R trs is surprising in the low register / subs o one can reach a trs deep in the sound.


I use it for 5 years.
What I like most is:
- Sound
- The potential cratif
- Russian marriage between fm, formant filters and
- The edition that multitasking quickly switch between preset performance mode when editing sound.
- The 4 outputs.
- The look (Sympa color!)

What I like least is:
- Ergonomics (I prferais 3 U rack with more controllers, one value knob and buttons that are big + - sore fingers!) Because I like working on the machine too.
- The number of user presets (128 only while the machine is proposing 11 banks of 128 presets non ditable)
- I wish that the 16 reverbs, 28 variations, 40 inserts 3-band equalizer and a correspond indpendant effect block on each side and thus have effects specifically developed to rglages each four shares as on machines such as access to c Virus (except the reverb in this case) but the Yamaha would cost much + money!

Despite its few dfaults the fs1r for me is the FM synth + the powerful ever created by Yamaha.
5 years ago, I think I bought the rack in the 750 euros that the silent era really cheap because the fs1r with 4-way multitimbral is the equivalent 4-DX7 overpowered (level synthse, The DX7 did not have filters or formants oprateurs and 6 / 32 algorithms). I therefore report quality excellent price especially when you see her now cte Used (400 euros for dernirement acqurir the equivalent of 4 DX7 overpowered, it's worth it when even! !)

With exprience, I would do well on the same choice, I think even one day a m'quiper 2nd MODEL.

PS: I work a lot with the Native Instruments FM7, and even if I like the possibilities of the latter and ergonomics, I think he's a sweet + wise +. At sound reproduction, the fs1r + has always given satisfaction that the Fm7.

Last Updated on 11/05/2005: Finally, APRS years of use, even when I sold the rack for a 2nd m'quiper Clavia G2 Engine which offers FM as the synthse fs1r but is much faster + program, offers 30 to 40 times more memory used, effects processors compltement indpendants on each share ... I would stay nanmoins trs attach the rack to me discovering the synthse FM in better conditions with a DX7 o TX802.