Bastl Instruments Trinity PolySynth v1.0
Bastl Instruments Trinity PolySynth v1.0

Trinity PolySynth v1.0, Digital Synth from Bastl Instruments.

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-LuG- 04/21/2014

Bastl Instruments Trinity PolySynth v1.0 : -LuG-'s user review

«  A good approach DIY »

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Here's a little proposed by the Czech microenterprise Bastl Instrument digital synthesizer.
The synth is up'm yourself with a soldering iron and tin (not included), or purchase already assembled. I will not vote because it's a curious gadget a real musical instrument, even if it allows some subtleties when used with other instruments.
The heart of this little gizmo is a ATmega 328 if I'm not mistaken, and the code is the Arduino.

It has six adjustable to 6 different sounds at will, through a bank of 12 different effects.
A first bank controls the sound envelope (attack and sustain release)
A second aspect of the control (filter cutoff and pitch)
A third control various parameters of an LFO
The fourth to modulate sound, make round or granular

The interface is very intuitive, especially when we spent an hour to ride that you know where the information is sent goes.
The plan is self-service, the code is open source (Arduino), so it can be edited for connoisseurs.

It is nomadic, because small and powered by battery or 9V power supply not included
No sequence for this version unfortunately, but you can save up to 9 settings.


The manual takes on a leaf,
we leave immediately sounds that change smoothly.

Professional use still remains anecdotal PolySynth for this version, it must be coupled with other small modules of the same company to better play with (such as a sequencer or MIDI port).


I use PolySynth to record sounds that I use in the Simpler or in Ableton Racks, it allows me to customize my creations.
The machine gives often unexpected and surprising results, it's fun to look for her and find a completely different, but magical!

The sounds are very organic, sometimes round or air, never too melodic, perfect for electronica or experimental electro.


I use it for a few months, it can be worn anywhere and has a pretty good battery life.
I have however done better to wait for the version 1.1 is now available, with more possibilities.