Casio Casiotone 1000P
Casio Casiotone 1000P

Casiotone 1000P, Digital Synth from Casio in the Casiotone series.

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nobazz 04/28/2014

Casio Casiotone 1000P : nobazz's user review

«  casio a ton of sweetness ... »

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There's no opinion so I will glue!

It seems that this is the first Casio synth sounds that are a little bit soft, a sine wave based. I have not found the year specified output but not new ... 1982 about what I read. I am not an expert in electronics but it looks to me looks like a keypad.

the "1000P" is for the 1000 combinations available supposedly fixed ... 10 presets and 10 user locations saved on conventional batteries.

Level effects, nothing more than vibrato, tremolo (effective) and sustain.

No midi, an output table and a headphone output. 2 pedal jacks, volume and sustain. An integrated high I quickly cut speaker ...


Programming sounds is very simple and limited:
10 selectable parameters for the "basic"
10 parameters for the shape of the envelope
10 parameters for modulation.

10x10x10 = 1000, the account is good.

The arpeggiator is a different story. Programmable step by step, it allows a lot of combinations but it is a real pain to program. Randomly it gives tips that can be nice. No display of tempo but a knob endless serves as a Detuner sound.

the manual is clear.


I had a fairly negative image of casio, for me it is first keyboards for kids or beginners ... I was surprised! If we can quickly forget the sounds of piano or brass that are anything but realistic and do not add much to what we hear on the synths of the time, there's way to get webs or I love that leads from preset organ or bass. So yes, it gives the final a number of interesting sounds (for me) quite limited, but what sounds! With a good flanger (I dedicated a Boss BF-3) or a nice reverb ass, it's just magical, soft, plump and plannant ... A world of sweetness :)

Mine has a light breath, but nothing unworkable.

The keyboard is nice, buttons exude strength ...


I've had it about 1 year. Found in a Trocante in immaculate condition.

I use it occasionally in the studio for a few chopper pad sounds or simulated flutes. I sometimes turns just send me a dose of zen with a multi-effects behind.

It is heavy, bulky, but so unique ... I love all his angular face, his bare hand. Too bad it is not yet midday (of course) ... or even just a synchronized tempo display, just that I would have been happy.

Value for money? No idea what it's worth, but if you cross to cheap, treat yourself. This is a big cushy quiet, with limited possibilities but has character to it. We like it or not like, but I do not see too however compare, and single side I like. It is well within my hardware config of innimitables instruments vsti, and it is a beautiful piece for perverts like me who like to cuddle the beautiful machines ...

I would keep ad vitam I think I see myself as a legacy of the time when synthesizers were beginning to open to experimentation, even if it's still limited without being lost at the same time in the maze of FM synthesis.

A test then!