Hartmann Neuron
Hartmann Neuron

Neuron, Digital Synth from Hartmann.

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explora 09/29/2004

Hartmann Neuron : explora's user review


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The CHARACTERISTICS synthtiseur are those of a digital with the touch of a cot analog.
Hartmann did not DCID reflchir of something complicated and hard to approach with menus galore. They targeted the most silent in a sensible and make IMMEDIATE synthtiseur of ACCS for the Fast Fashion is the thing of first order. Should use the Neuron to realize my opinion because it is not by reading that you can apprcier this carractristique.
I regret that the digital output does not receive the 48Khz (currently only 44.1 kHz).
CHARACTERISTICS The other is that the Neuron is a device about a redraw of the OS. It should give us a few surprises Reserved. The "core" by Stefan dvelopp Bernsee has not yet found all its quintessence, and that's what OS we rvlle little small. Soon probably the implmentation of the analog inputs for I do not know yet.
It also expects an update of the Model Maker software.


The convivial utillisation is more than a synth of this type.
Simple set up, use of effects and sounds trs comfortable, but not enough clear manual my taste. Why? Because this is home synthse subtleties that are difficult to INTERPRETATION words. But it is also a strength, because the user is free to CRER him even his own relationship with the synthse. That's why I said a few documents that I put here supplmentaires available through links url.


The sounds are a breed apart in the current synthtiseur horizon. I think there is still a kind of lightweight delay between action and the resulting sound, which could put a little Neuron cart for fast music trs trs sacadas (bass etc).
That said, I believe that those who are today the acquisition of neuron gnralement are people who have the hardware that runs dj derrire, so that even latency n is not an absolute problem. In a recording then you can always advance or delay the audio tracks to recall if needed. on the other hand Welcome to the realm of bizarre sounds and thrs. The Neuron is truly a living machine!

In the DPIT lgre latency, we approach the neuron with a musical expression that I never encountered on other synths.


I use the Neuron dej since 3 months and I've been around a technical point of view but from a sound standpoint Fast Fashion, there's always sth of bluffing also each time that fate. It can quickly turn to other instruments, but then these other demeurrent constant in their sound and gnration drawn from the results. The neuron, I think this just dsobit RULES. Contrary to what I heard of his dtracteurs the Neuron has become my favorite instrument.

I put a translation available Franaise the neuron on my site:
Go to the "studio" and "Neuron v1.5" and bottom of the page you find the pdf doc that I produced.