Yamaha CS1X
Yamaha CS1X

CS1X, Digital Synth from Yamaha in the CS series.

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tchouktchouknougat 06/08/2005

Yamaha CS1X : tchouktchouknougat's user review


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Keyboard: 61 keys, VLOC.
Type Synthse: AWM2.
Waveforms: 4.5 MB AWM sampled sounds.
Polyphony: 32 voices.
Multitimbral: 16 (or 12 votes + 1 performance) vote.
LFO: 1, delay.
Envelopes: ADSR 3.
Filters: 1 PB.
Sons: 480.
Combis: 128 Preset + 128 prog. (1 combi = 4 basic sounds).
Split: a fixed point.
Display: LCD (2 lines) rtroclair.
Portamento: Yes.
Effects: DSP 3 (11 reverbs, 11 choruses and 43 variations).
Audio outputs: Stro.
Squenceur: Arpgiateur polyphonic modes 3 (tempo, type and time division), patterns arpges 30 presets.
Weight: 5.7 kg.
Pitch bend and modulation.
6 potentiomtres rotary (CONTRL in real time of the attack and the release of the e. G., the cutoff frquence and rsonance filter, and volume 2 Other paramtres [choose from 28]).
Compatible GM / XG.
11 drum kits.
We can associate two memory "scne" each performance (combined) to the positions of mmoriser potentiomtres 6.
A "morphing" between two scnes a performance is possible using the modulation wheel or pedals.
Computer Interface PC / Mac.
Stereo Audio.


Trs intuitive machine. much less can be rbarbative as the synths of numrique Previous generations. edition of the sounds is very simple. gnrale use is quite entertaining, from my point of view and according to my modest exprience.
the manual is quite well done ... in my case I fly ... and I left in contact with the bte feeling, no problem.
the screen is big plutt, carquiller not need eyes to see what we do.
even better, the PC edition via ...


This is clearly a synth trs east to electronic music.
Personal, I'm eclectic, so I started with electronic music!
I find it sounds terrible for a machine of this price. the sheets are strong, the effects warm and delightful.
However, it should not be put in competition with heavy equipment. I had the opportunity to have a CS6x some time ... when I came back on the APRS CS1x ... I found it very bland. it is not the same CATEGORY. Yet I find it really good.
when I do not play with, I use in my mixes sound CS1x of my sample.


I use it since 2000
I love its look, its fun ct
I like less the quality that makes the keyboard a little cheap ... it has to be used to the heavy touch ...
report quality price, it is super good for those who love making music electro / techno without wishing to take the head. in my case I play well with, but I've been around. However, I do not regret having bought and if c'tait again, it would be without hsiter.
... but this is only my opinion and only my opinion.