Mixvibes DVS Ultimate
Mixvibes DVS Ultimate

DVS Ultimate, Audio Interface for DJ from Mixvibes.

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manu-d 11/05/2011

Mixvibes DVS Ultimate : manu-d's user review

«  For the price, very well »

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Value For Money : Excellent
The prices have seduced me, I do not risk much as I was not sure my PC.
I use it with my SL1200 and DJM400.
My config at the beginning: Lenovo Portable 1.8 Ghz AMD processor and 3 GB of RAM under Vista.


Implemented easily without a manual, a few adjustments at the beginning but after the latency for any concern.
The manual is light but I did not served.


The perfs are correct, of course mac book is always better but that does not depend on the software!


In between I took a license to cross over € 49 and a U-mix control pro,
So I do is more than a pack, but it allowed me to know mixvibes at lower cost (99 € it found myself at the time!) Value / price excellent advise for the beginner! I made several evenings with no problems.