Korg Kaoss Pad
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Beezoonours 07/31/2006

Korg Kaoss Pad : Beezoonours's user review


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Mmmmmmh, small boiboite touch ... It's been a while it follows me. I bought used, and I had to resolder the RCA DCON. But hey, when you see the face of the welds, it's no ... Otherwise it looks plutt robust, I lugs around in all directions for 5 years and all is well.
For effects, there is a bit of everything, filters, reverbs, and delays, the flanger, the RingMod, and even a minisampleur.
You can find the list of aisment effects on the internet.
Remember that this machine also sends MIDI signals! And that's important ... trs I reviendrai.J 'enlve points for RCA, and 2-3 times mystrieusement o the machine will not turn ....


Well, the manual is roughly two pages, I think. The hardest thing is to remember what effect is somewhat prs o but they are by class and you have 6 CATEGORY memory (the recall, actually) available to your favorites.
No edition of the effects, if not a hold button to maintain an open position and thus its mimine.
Ms. assigning MIDI signals rvle is fairly simple and well thought plutt.


I use the KP with my Triton, even to torture my sounds, mainly on leads and solos, and also for the sampler and express your exact. When I feel particulirement sadistic, I use the KP both noon CONTRL paramtres some of my sound (cutoff, filter, etc ...) and the chosen effect on the KP, which Pulping the sound output! Your exact carrment can be spectacular!
I like all the delays particulirement type tapeband absolutely monstrous and can give about the results of an impressive squence (try to mount nicely-XY-X + Y on the prog.24 and see!)
the small sample may seem unnecessary, but the intro to rcoutez Everything at the right place Radiohead and you get a surprise.
Effects that are unnecessary + I think the reverbs are many who do not intrt become "dynamic"
I REALLY believe this boiboite sduire lot of people can not just DJs. like, I guess in the Dub, eg ...
In fact there is a major concern on this boiboite: noOOooormes variations of gain and dynamic when you ride your finger, and 2 AC adj crazy ings made in the studio, I was not the proud with my gadget ... This is NOT a multi-effects pro, but live it's perfect.


Oulalah, 5 dj ...
I really felt like buying a concert APRS Matthew Herbert, I think ...
I have not tried other models because nothing come close, may be from the Air FX I possde too, but I finally judge less and less prcis and offering fewer opportunities.
Now I'm eyeing a few of the KP2 ct, but not REALLY be convinced by his "+" compared to KP1. If the effects are better, why not .... Otherwise I will wait probably my CEBR KP1!