Pioneer EFX-1000
Pioneer EFX-1000
Gpforce 12/16/2007

Pioneer EFX-1000 : Gpforce's user review


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Delay, Echo, Pitch Echo, Trans, Flanger, Filter, Phaser assignable to the bpm of 1 / 8, 1 / 4, 1 / 2, 3 / 4, 1 / 1, 2 / 1, 4 / 1 and 8 / 1 automatque time is either manual or tap in to the pot and noon.

Jet, Wah, Phase Shifter, Ring, Zip, Vocoder and Humanizer controlled by the jog.

Numrique works on 44.1 kHz, 48kHz and 96kHz to analog and, of course.

The effects are controlled by the afternoon.

RCA connectors for analog and Jack and RCA for digital. Jack is a dclenchement Submitted for the purpose by one pedals, which must be assigned to the Prior part bmp or via the jog switch. Also Submitted MIDI IN and MIDI OUT connection and a digital cable spcial provided to the DJM-1000.
I used a Korg EMX sending the tempo effect instantanment who hold it. Unlike in a DJ set, the EFX sends the korg bmp which is always hold on my records, practice for some quick in his beat.

This effect is not rack mountable.

We regret may be the lack of XLR connectors symtrique, and also the lack of RCA cable in the box. Apart from the special EFX cord and cable for power supply, nothing else provided. Note that the device is packed Manir more exemplary.


Easy and intuitive, this kind of device is known by dj rev his little ERRF SERIES 500, and its operation is similar.
The effects are available for selection intantanment the corresponding button for each part, there is a pot for the depth of the effect and a pot "caracter" which amends intonatation effect. Finally, a pot mix the original signal which passes to its workforce.

The manual is clear and well explained by many small schmas. The device employs both facvile of the manual will remain the REFERENCE of the last really lucky if you stumble on a function.


So a box trs powerful effect, and considering the price it can, but once in hand it's pure slaughter of good sound, it's almost a musical instrument it alone so the possibilities are many and varied. Pay the price quickly shelved.

I use it in an output table Rodec CX-1100, this was a routing effect (only model 19 "Rodec with this feature), the problem is that it would take almost three hand alone for the effect, so to avoid even the table of quibbling, I put the APRS master but with a little practice, you know how the machine will perform all necessary and prcoute becomes futile.
He is therefore in the vinyl set but also with the Korg for the components "in the beat".
MIDI is very practical, it can be used as a sequencer prfr Acid in my case and record a track that is the manipulation or inversment, plan ahead what must be the EFX and when it should. Happiness.

All the effects are used, they all have their place on the machine with a good record and also trs this setup is completely amazing, in fact using solely with mastery as it transforms littralement techno in 1 / 4 hours of its modulations amricain trs types.


2 years, the missing link c'tait DNA Dj.

What I like about him is that he has exaggerated its kind, we all ask (for a box because it is not the caf of course).

I saw lots of box effect, but this is my l prfre.

It just CHRE cert and you pay a little above the Pioneer labeled but is short of expectations.